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Scale your DApp with Tenfold Protocol, today.

Layer 2 Scaling

Tenfold accelerates DApps built on existing and future blockchains.

Language Agnostic

Write core application logic in the programming language of your choice.

Save gas cost by 95% or more by moving heavy computations off-chain.

Drastically Lower Costs

The MIXMARVEL Universe

Coming soon

“With Tenfold, the user experience of our blockchain games rival traditional games. HyperDragons is just the beginning of Tenfold and MIXMARVEL’s relationship - all upcoming MIXMARVEL games and the community will be powered by Tenfold”

MIXMARVEL is a proud Tenfold Launch Partner

In the next year, MIXMARVEL plans to launch the MIXMARVEL Universe and 5 exciting blockchain games, including Ground Hunters, Slots, and more!

Case Study

Let's build together.


Paving the way for wide adoption of crypto technologies

Derek was a senior engineer at DFINITY and the Director of DApp Development at ThunderCore.  He worked  on distributed systems, having  contributed to Pachyderm, Consul, etcd, Mesos, and OpenStack. Derek studied Computer Science at Cornell.

Derek is the founder of Binary Mint, the company behind Tenfold Protocol.

Derek Chiang

Engineering & Research

Mitch was a software engineer working in cyber security and before that was an options trader for Optiver US LLC. Mitch holds a masters in robotics from  Carnegie Mellon University and also currently works as the Director of Product for ETHPrize.

Mitch leads BD & Operations for Tenfold Protocol at Binary Mint.

Mitch Kosowski

Business Development & Operations

Bruno was the first Platform Engineer at Zapier and previously the CTO of Clevertech. He has led many remote teams and companies to success before. Bruno studied Computer Science at Porto University.

Bruno leads Engineering for Tenfold Protocol at Binary Mint.

Bruno Bernardino

Engineering & Research

Konrad was the first engineer at Nubank, a $2 billion dollar unicorn, where he designed and built the secure banking platform now used by 4-million customers. He studied computer engineering at the University of Campinas.

Konrad is a Senior Engineer for Tenfold Protocol at Binary Mint.

Konrad Scorciapino

Engineering & Research

Working Together

Let's make your DApp feel like an app

01. Discovery

We figure out how to work together. Assess the state of your project, how to best utilize Tenfold, and estimate  work .

02. Integration

Focus on building your product. We provide documentation, examples,  testnet, and a consultation  with our team.

03. Launch

Seed your community with testers, talk to your favorite gaming sites, and tell the world  your blazingly fast DApp is live.


Let`s build something together

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